Tips to Prepare for the Challenge!

Thank you for joining me on this journey!  So many have decided to take this challenge with me and I am excited to hear your success stories. 

With less than a few days until the Clean Eating Challenge starts, I wanted to share how I am preparing myself for the challenge. 

1. Plan ahead. Have a meal list for the week and prep the night before so you can have your healthy snacks and meals for the next day. 

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2. Make a grocery list.  Having a list of the items keeps you from wondering aimlessly around the store, picking up items you don't need.  With a list, you can go in, stay focussed and get out there with only the items you came for.  If it's not on your list, don't get it!

3. Don't go to the store hungry.  Going to the store hungry makes you crave things you don't need that are probably not healthy for you.  Shopping for groceries with a full tummy is a way to help you not buy on impulse but stick to the list you made.

4. Change it up a bit.  Eating healthy and eating the same thing over and over again can get boring and lead you to go back to some unhealthy habits.  I'll be sharing some recipes so you can try new things that will be healthy yet tasty & help you stay on track to meeting your goals.

5. Journal your meals.  Write down what you eat and even take photos. Especially if you're trying something new.  This is a great way to look back at the foods that you ate throughout the challenge, what worked and didn't work as well as a tool to help you be accountable to sticking to your plan.

6. Stay away from the scale. The scale can have you feeling defeated. It may or may not move fast enough for you and cause you to give up.  When I met with a personal trainer, he said that you lose inches first.  So you may not see the number move on the scale right away but you'll notice your  clothes feeling baggy.  The weight will come off during the process but that shouldn't be main driver or focal point. 

7. Take before pics. Have you ever had someone tell you that you look smaller but you couldn't tell the difference and quite frankly probably thought they were just trying to be nice? We don't notice a difference but others can before we can.  Pictures allow you to see where you started and taking pics along the way allow you to see the change and progress that you're making throughout the challenge. 

8. Right down your measurements.  Because you lose inches first and then weight, write down your starting measurements.  At the end of the challenge, take you measurements again so you can really see how much of an improvement you've made. This along with looser fitting clothes and the before / after pics will help you stay encouraged and see the changes that occurred throughout the challenge. 

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9. Celebrate small victories. If you know that a challenge for you is cake and cookies and you make it through several days without them, pat yourself on the back and journal that victory.  The measure of success won't just come from the pics, scale or measurements, it will also come from you breaking away from several unhealthy habits and eating addictions that you haven't been able to break away from.

10. Have fun! Try recipes and foods that you've never tried that are healthy for you.  Send in your pics so I can feature you and share your success and small victories along the way as a mode of encouragement for others. Create new dishes (my dad would throw stuff together and surprisingly some turned out great lol)!  Also add a little cardio. Zumba is a GREAT mode of working out and it's so much fun.  

Remember, this is a lifestyle change, not a diet, so invite others to take the challenge with you as another mode of encouragement and accountability.  Let's get healthier and stronger together!


Love Yall! 

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