Kale Chicken Ceasar Salad - Panera


While I was on the go the other day, I wanted to get something healthy but not heavy.  I am really trying to eat more meals throughout the day to boost my metabolism.  That's been one of my biggest challenges.  So I needed to eat something but on my side of town, there's not a lot of options.  My bestie Raich and o were talking and she was saying how she is really into kale now and that there's  new kale salad at Panera Bread.  This was the best option for me in order for me to stick to my plan of eating more throughout the day (healthy choices that is). 

The salad was soooooo tasty.  It has now made my list of faves!  Here are a few recommendations: 

1. Order the half. Portion control is key to healthy eating. Not only that but the half is only 260 cal vs the 520 with the whole. 

2. Get the apple.  Since you get a side with the salad, opt for the apple and pass on the chips or bread.  Their apples are always so good and it's a great healthy dessert choice.

3. Drink lemon water.  Lemon water is not only tasty but it also aids in digestion. 

4. A great suggestion for my vegetarian fam is to get avocado in place of the chicken.  Great health benefits and packed with vitamins.

For more nutritional facts click HERE