Not A Good Week

We are almost at the end of the clean eating challenge.  I was doing so good until this past Friday.   

I was working at a booth during Megafest here in Dallas, TX and I didn't do so well when it came to sticking to my plan.  I worked long hours and was so exhausted that I didn't have a chance to pack my meals.  I did ok the first day with my water and fruits but honestly I didn't eat enough.  Day two of Megafest, it got worse.  I was running on fumes and ended up getting so hungry that ate a small bag of low fat chips.  For dinner I had tilapia, crab cakes and green beans.  Not too bad but not exactly what I would have preferred.  Oh but Saturday (drops head in shame).  I could tell that the long hours had gotten to me because my throat was sore from the previous day and I had no energy. So I ended up getting a coffee to get a little energy and ease my sore throat.  I ate one meal which was a salad with an apple and a cup of tea.  

I felt so bad about falling off my plan.  Now it wasn't just a complete fail but it was bad enough.  So now I'm back on track with my plan; eating more throughout the day and drinking more water.  Today I snacked on some popcorn which is a pretty healthy snack as long as it's not drenched in salt and butter.  

At the start of the challenge, my weight toggled between 210 and 212. Since a fell off the past couple of days, I weighed myself and I'm pleased to say that I am almost out of the 200's.  

So how is everyone else doing? Have you fallen off at all? How are you staying motivated?  

We're in the home stretch fam!!  We got this.

Love yall!