Bantu NOT - Transforming My Epic Fail into an Updo

This post is a bit of a challenge for me.  As beauty bloggers, we tend to post our best looks and tutorials. This can lead to a false perception that we don’t struggle with styling and that we always have good hair days.  Well, I can honestly say as for me, that is not true.

Check out this style attempt turned failure and how I transformed it to make it work.

Posted on April 26, 2016 .

First Impressions - Her Given Hair

If you've followed me for a while, you know I like to try new styles and I'm no stranger to wearing weaves.  Well, I ordered hair from a company called Her Given Hair.  They specialize in afro textures hair and offer three different textures; kinky, coily and curly.  The units that I've made and worn in the past have pretty much been straight or have a light body wave.  I wanted to make a unit that was fun and different from what I've made previously.  

Posted on March 15, 2016 .