First Impressions - Dr. Andrea Bridges Body Canvas

Hey Beauties!

When I first went natural, I must confess that I was a bit of a product junky.  You name it, I probably tried it.  I had no idea what my hair liked and what worked best to provide the moisture my hair needed while adding shine without it being oily.  Oh the joys of being natural.

Fast forward 4 years and I am now in a wonderful relationship with my hair.  She lets me know what she does and does not like and trust me, she makes it painfully obvious which is which.  Anywho, now that I know when something works, I like to share my honest thoughts when I have opportunities to try new products.  I recently received Dr. Andrea Bridges Body Canvas' Shea Cream, Lip Balm and Lip Balm Tube.

Before I even tried the product, I fell in love with the background of how this product was birthed.  In short, she created this product out of a personal desire to not just add moisture to her hair but her skin as well.  Yes, the shea cream is a product that works for both hair and skin.  You can read more of her story here

So let's dive into my experience and thoughts about these products.  I like to use products for a few days to see how my hair (and in this case my skin as well) respond to the product. 

Dr. Andrea Bridges Body Canvas Shea Cream

The packaging is very simple yet sturdy.  The recommendation on the jar is to avoid storing the product in warm environments as it can change the the consistency of the product.  I typically store my raw oils and creams in my refrigerator which is a great tip for sealing in moisture as well.  The consistency of the product is like a thick whipped cream.  I honestly have not used a product with such a smooth whipped texture like this. The thickness of the product requires only a little of the product for application. The smell is light which is great.  I even let my hubby smell it is he likes that it smells so light, almost like vanilla but not over baring at all.  That is a plus since it's used as a skin moisturizer as well and won't clash with my perfume.  To be honest, it smells so good, I wanted a ice cream shake after I smelled it and was almost tempted to taste it LOL BUT it's for external use only so I resisted the temptation to taste it (I did go get a shake).  In addition to that, the price is VERY affordable. As many of you know, products can be rather pricey.  With this product serving as a moisturizer for both hair and skin, you would think it would be more expensive.  The Shea Cream ranges from $2 - $10 (depending on the size).

I washed and conditioned my hair and used the Body Canvas Shea Cream to moisturize and set me hair.  I set my hair in twist and right away I noticed my hair felt great.  It was smooth and felt so moisturized.  The shine was amazing!  It's crazy because normally I set my hair and seal it with an oil.  Using this product I did not have to use an oil. Okay, so far so good but what will my results be.  The next morning my hair was not dry yet (which for me demonstrates the fact that my hair was retaining moisture) so I pinned it up to allow it to finish drying.  Once my hair was dry, it was time for take down.  I normally coat my fingers with oil for easier take down but once again, I didn't need an oil.  My hair was so soft and easy to take down.  The definition was great!  At this point, I'm sold!  But what about longevity?  How many days could I get out of this product while maintaining the definition, moisture and shine? I am pleased to say that I went 4 days just using the pineapple method and did not have to apply any additional product AT ALL!  I am so pleased with this product for my hair.

The ONLY con that I have, is that there is not a recommendation for how the product can or should be used on your hair.  So I pretty much went by my own knowledge and experience on how I normally apply my creams and it worked great.  But having a suggestion on how to use and apply the product would be great.

I also tried it on my skin.  I used it on my elbows (which tend to be dry) and hands in the morning.  I liked it a lot.  The only thing for me is that I wash my hands often throughout the day so I have to apply a cream every time because I hate my hands feeling dry after I wash them.  I said all that to say I would LOVE to use the shea cream throughout the day but it's not convenient for me to carry an 8 oz jar in my purse with me.  Now she does have a 2 oz travel size which would work a lot better to keep in my purse.  My hands didn't feel oily or greasy and hubby loves that it makes my hands feel so soft and smooth. I recommend not using too much though because it may start too feel oily if you apply too much to your skin.  Trust me, a little really does go a long way. I even used it on my heals because they can tend to be on the rough side but after applying the cream, my feet felt amazing!


Dr. Andrea Bridges Body Canvas Lip Balm

(also available in Tube form)

My lips stay dry so I always keep my EOS on deck.  Now, I have tried other lip balms and none have measured up to my EOS.  I was eager to try the Body Canvas Lip balm since I was so pleased with the Shea Cream.  I typically apply a lip moisturizer after I cleanse my face before bed and prior to doing my makeup.  I use it throughout the day as needed but those are my standard times of use.  I used the tube lip balm all the time now!  Yep you heard me right.  I have use my Body Canvas Lip Balm Tube daily.  I don't know what it is, but it really makes my lips feel dry and I have seen a decrease in how often my lips tend to dry out and/or crack.  And for just $1.00, honey look, I am going to have to stock up on these.  Especially now that fall and winter is among us and we know that cold temps can cause chapped lips. 

Overall, I HIGHLY recommend you check out these products for yourself.  Be sure to check out their website and their Facebook page as well.  There are other reviews as well that you may find helpful.

Here is my video review as well: