RPG Show Wig - Ashanti Inspired


I always look forward to trying new things and giving my hair a break from styling.  So I was so excited to order my very first RPG Show wig.  It’s a full lace wig which means I can part it anywhere and it looks SO realistic.  Since I was ordering a wig, why not have fun with it!  I wanted some color and decided to get the Ashanti inspired wig.   It’s a gorgeous blend of colors that are perfect for fall.


Since my hair was going to be tucked away, I used Cantu Shea Better Leave In and sealed in the moisture using a blend of oils.  This method helps to maintain moisture and keep your hair from being dried out.  I am not the best braider so I installed small flat twists and tucked my ends under using bobby pins.


The Box:  The box was a little beat up but I was more focused on the contents of the box.  The package included the wig, an RPG Show brush, a manual on how to care for the unit, a contact pamphlet including images of other wig options and a discount coupon towards the next purchase.  One thing that I noticed is that I did not receive a wig cap.  I have seen several reviews and they all included a wig cap.  No big deal, I just went to my local beauty supply and purchased a brown wig cap with blends great with my skin tone.

The Wig: The wig was beautiful!  I was so in love with the colors.  They just look so warm and fun but not too much.  The lace was soft and looked so realistic.  I have seen other videos were the parts had to be tweezed and concealer had to be added to make it look more natural.  The part came on the left but I moved it to the right since that is the way I typically wear my part.

The Pros: As stated, I love the color.  It’s totally different for me but it’s subtle but still fun.  The cap construction is great.  I parted the wig in several places and it looks so natural.  The fit is great.  I used the recommendation on the site and measured my head.  Based on the measurements, I decided to go with a cap size 2.  The adjustable bands in the back help to ensure that it’s nice and snug.  There are three combs (one on each side and one in the middle) which are great to keep the wig in place if needed.  I love that I don’t have to use any glue to secure the wig in place.  There is also very little shedding which is great!

The Cons: There was only a couple of things that concerned me about this unit.  The wig was made with 100% medium density.  I have seen other units and they look much fuller especially when the hair type used is yaki.  But my unit is a little on the thin side.  Now, for those that have thinner hair, it would look really naturally but since my hair is really thick, I would have preferred a thicker density.  The other thing is where the #51 color starts the hair feels a little dry.  I plan on reading through the care recommendations that I received in my box and see if I can do a deep conditioning treatment which could help with the dryness that I feel on the ends.

All in all, I would order another unit from RPG Show!

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