Perfect Gift Idea - Ultimate Skin Spa

Hey beauties!

I've missed y'all soooo much.  So much has been going on in my world.  One thing is getting my health in order from inside out.  A lot of you have been following me for a while and may remember the #MetraWaterChallenge that I did this year.  One of the goals was to improve not only my health but my skin.  I even made a bold move and shared what my skin looked like without make up (click here).


Being diagnosed with PCOS, I don't have the best skin and have ingrown hairs on my chin.  Exfoliating and taking care of my skin is key.  I'm still working on my skin but had to share this amazing product that I've been using.  It's called the Ultimate Skin Spa from Vanity Planet.  

It's A M A Z I N G! I've used similar products but this one has two speeds, comes with a case and the brushes are a dream.  I use the cleansing brush regularly and the exfoliating brush twice a week.  It has worked wonders on my skin.  My issues with ingrown hair has diminished tremendously.  I no longer have to wear full coverage make up and don't feel as bad leaving the house without makeup. 

Here's the kicker! I've got the perfect deal for y'all just in time for the holidays so you can get it as a Christmas gift for yourself, family and/or friends.  The Ultimate Skin Spa is normally $125 but using this link with coupon code naturalmetra, you get 70% off.  That means you pay less than $40!  

Here are pictures of my skin with no make up. Is my skin perfect? No, but I'm getting my skin where I want it to be and using this product is absolutely a must have for my skin regimen. 


Now I can wear very minimal make up to even out my tone vs a full coverage foundation to cover blemishes.  The pic below is me wear medium coverage foundation. 


Don't wait, order yours NOW!

Coupon Code: naturalmetra

Discount: 70% off


Love y'all!