30 Day Water Challenge

Hey Beauties!

The older I get, the more I realize that I can't just eat and drink whatever I want to eat and drink. Lately I've found myself always tired, sluggish and aching in places that honestly, I'm too young to ache in.

There are so many benefits of drinking water and I know that it will help naturally get my body on track. It won't be easy to drink only water as my beverage of choice for the next 30 days but it's needed and I want to open it up and challenge all those who will join me. I'll be posting tips, progress pictures and more!

Now, while changing your eating habits is not a requirement for this challenge, I do encourage you to evaluate what you are eating and the toxins that you are putting in your body.   So for me, I will not only drink water but plan to eat healthier as well.  I will be sharing my eating habits as well throughout the 30 Day Water Challenge.

To join the challenge and receive tips, benefits, fruit infused recipes and more, click the link below.