Tips for Hair Growth

Hey Beauties!

New cut Dec 2014

New cut Dec 2014

I get questions often in what I do to make my hair grow so fast.  While I don't have all the answers, one thing I do know is that everyone's hair and their journey is different. You'll here me say all the time is that what works for one may not work for the next. That being said, there a few things that are general hair care tips that work regardless of hair type. 

1. Be Gentle - At a workshop I attended, the speaker said "handle your hair like silk, not denim".  We can be pretty rough with our hair which leads to breakage and lack of length retention. Handle your hair with care. 

2. Deep Condition - Moisture is soooo important and deep conditioning can help to restore moisture to dry lifeless hair. Dry hair can be brittle which leads to slit ends and excessive breakage. Moisture helps retain length and decrease slit ends and breakage. 

3. Avoid Heat Styling  - I'm not a natural that has anything against heat styling. When I first went natural in 2010, I used heat all the time. I challenged myself in the second year of my journey to only use heat twice within the year just to see what would happen. My hair not only experienced great growth but was much fuller as well.  Using too much heat can cause heat damage and lead to breakage.

4. Trim Your Hair - There's not a set amount of times to trim your hair throughout the year but you should trim as needed. Signs that you're in need of a trim are split ends, single strand knots and lifeless ends that don't really curls (depending on your hair type.

5. Low Manipulation Styling - Not styling your hair daily can help retain length.  Too much stress on your hair can cause shedding and breakage. Allow your hair a break from the pulling and tugging with styles like buns, twists, braids and other protective styles.



What I've learned over the 5 years of being natural is to learn what works for me. I know how my hair responds to products and what my hair can and cannot take. It's important that at the end of the day you focus on healthy hair not so much in length. If you care for your hair, you'll experience not just length but length retention.  The average hair growth is 1/2 an inch per month for most, growing hair is not the problem, it's retaining length that's the issue. The tips I've shared will help retain length and help you reach your hair growth goals.


Love y'all!