How to Freshen Up Your Twist Out


Hey Beauties! 

I have those times when my twist out can look a little dull and lifeless but it's not quite time for me to wash my hair.  So I just freshen it up a bit and can get a few more days out of it until wash day.  Here are the steps I take. 

1. Gather my tools. A cream (like a leave in or curling cream), water bottle, rat tail comb, hair clamps & denman brush.

2. Section off my hair with rat tail comb.  

3. Spritz lightly with water on the ends and a very small amount on the remaining section for your first twist. 

4. Add your cream focusing on the ends and massage upward (I used the Cantu Coconut Curling Cream)

5. Lightly finger comb or use a tool (I use my denman brush).  


     [TIP: Remove a couple of the rows of brissles from the brush to lesson the amount of friction on the hair.


6. Install chunky flat twist (add perm rod to ends if needed)

7. Repeat steps all over or just in the areas that need to be freshened up. 


Want to learn how to flat twist? Check out my How To Flat Twist 101 video!


I hope this was helpful! 

What else would you like to see on my blog? 


Love y'all!