Heatless Curls - feat. UFD

Hey beauties! 

I've been using a new product that I heard about from one of my curlfriends and I'm so upset that I hadn't tried it sooner.  It's called Uncle Funkys Daughter.  I tried it a month a go and I have been using it ever since.  

This step by step on how to create heatless us simple and ideal for this who are transitioning to natural and working with two different textures (your natural roots/new growth and your relaxed ends).  It's also perfect for natural hair.  I used products from the Uncle Funkys Daughter product line (which will be launching at select target stores nationwide on 2/1/16)!




step one: cleanse and condition hair with the Squeky deep cleansing shampoo and Richee Rich moisturizing conditioner

step two: separate hair into four sections (two in front and two in back) 

step three: take a small section of hair and apply the Extra Butter brilliant shine creme and massage through

step four: detangle with denman brush and seal hair with Shining Star hair & scalp elixir

step five: install two strand twist and roll the hair with perm rob (I used 5/16" & 7/16" size) 

step six: repeat until all hair is twisted and rodded and allow to air dry over night (or sit under dryer if needed)

step seven: remove rods, untwist hair, separate curls and lift at roots

Have you heard? One of my favorites — @unclefunkysdaughter — is coming to 70 Target stores on February 1st!!! I hear it’s in major markets like Chicago, New York, DMV, Philly, and LA, and I can’t wait to get my hands on these goodies!!!