Bantu NOT - Transforming My Epic Fail into an Updo

Hey beauties!

This post is a bit of a challenge for me.  As beauty bloggers, we tend to post our best looks and tutorials. This can lead to a false perception that we don’t struggle with styling and that we always have good hair days.  Well, I can honestly say as for me, that is not true.  Though I have styles that I have pretty much gotten down to a science, there are still those styles that I struggle with thus leading to EPIC FAILS which bloggers rarely share.  

This post is to show you the steps that I took to transform an old twist out into a bantu knot out and from a bantu knot out to a pin up.  I’ve done this process in the past but bantu knot outs are a hit or miss for me but I will continue to work on getting it right!  The thing that was frustrating is that as I was unraveling, the definition looked promising.  I did discover that there were a few that were still a tad bit wet.  That's why I always prefer to do bantu knot outs on dry hair with just using a leave in for a stylant. 

  1. I started on an old twist out and divided my hair into sections.  
  2. Once my hair was in sections, I spritzed lately with water to aid in finger detangeling
  3. Apply a leave in and use denman brush from ends to roots
  4. Twirl hair to form a bantu knot
  5. Secure bantu knot in place with bobby pin
  6. Allow to set overnight (sitting under a soft bonnet dryer lessons drying time)
  7. The next morning, remove all bobby pins
  8. Untwist knots
  9. Separate knots from roots to ends
  10. Take pick and lift at roots

After all of the separation, I knew it was not going to work for me.  Since I added water, there was a bit more shrinkage than I really wanted.  So I decided to pin the sides and back up with bobby pins.  I used a little edge control for hold.

This option allowed me to at least have a way to walk out the house looking decent.  At the end of the day, you can rick any style as long as you rock it with confidence. 


Here is a video of the process.


How do you transform your “epic fails”?

Love y'all!