Tracking Your Water

Tracking Your Water Intake

Hello March 1st, day one of our challenge!

When it comes to setting your daily water intake goal, there are two guidelines that I've heard.  1) is to drink 8 8oz glasses per day (64oz total) which is what majority of us grew up hearing and 2) is to drink 1/2 your body weight in oz.  For example, I weigh 200 lbs so my goal would be to drink 100 fl oz of water daily.

I plan on drinking 1/2 my body weight in ounces throughout the challenge and continue even after the challenge.

You can also add lemon and other fruits to your water.  I will share more about that throughout the challenge.

Here some really cool apps that I found.  Feel free to use one of these to track your daily water intake.  It's completely optional.



Water Alert

ANDROID (Google Play):

Water Tracker

Water Drink Reminder

If you have fitbit, you can also track your water there.


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Why is drinking water so important?

About 60% of your body is water and the only element more important to properly functioning systems is oxygen. Every part of your body from your skin to your brain relies on ample hydration to function. You might be surprised at how integral it is to different parts of the body.