Week 2 Check In


Can you believe we are already half way through the challenge?  So how is everyone doing so far?  This challenge has been harder than the previous one.  I think because we have had several celebrations and outings this month and water is just harder to drink with Pizza and Asian cuisine.  Nevertheless, I have been doing ok this go round.  I have not had any coffee cravings at all which was the struggle that I encountered the last time.

Question, why is it that when you commit yourself to drinking only water does every other beverage seem to look so appetizing?  I mean seriously!  I was even trying to convince myself "It's my sister's bday dinner...what's wrong with having a lemonade".   Thank God that my older sister was there as my accountability partner.  Anywho, chime in.  Let me know that you all are still going strong and with me during this challenge!

11 Reasons Why Dehydration is Making You Fat & Sick 

Tasty Detox Water

Why is drinking water so important?  Water is beneficial and vital to all life — especially yours. To feel healthy and fit, you have to stay hydrated every day. It acts as a catalyst for renewal, like when you water your plants and watch them grow taller and greener. Water lifts you up, it opens your senses and makes you feel refreshed and ready to take on any activity…even sleeping.