You Did It!

Well, the water challenge is officially over.  How did you all do?  Comment below and let's share the results from the challenge. 

Here are a few messages and comments we've received:

"I lost 4 lbs in the first three weeks of the challenge. I def feel more energized. Craving for coffee no longer although I so miss it lol I don't "have to" have it. 😏 I haven't noticed a diff in my skin quite yet but we have some days to go. 👍👍" - @ajashaqui
"I feel absolutely wonderful and not just because I lost some lbs and my energy is up but because I stayed true to myself my goals and the challenge. 30 days with no milk no alcohol no soda no juice no tea no coffee. No coffee was a hard one. Lol thanks for the challenge!! "
"Thank you for the challenge. With this challenge, eating better and being more active; I have lost 8lbs. Stay encouraged everyone, you can do it! Tell yourself this water is great for me and my body! I use to hate drinking water some years ago and now that is mostly what I drink!" - imspoiled0529
"I've stayed away from the staff coffee pot at work....but the chocolate candy bucket!!!! It's EVIL!!!! I've ignored the whispers from Hershey though *lesigh*"
"Feeling great!! Drinking only water DOES make a difference. This is my 2nd time doing this challenge with you. It was easier this time. And the no coffee WAS a challenge! Thanks" - talacherry

So chime in.  Let's hear from you and your experience!

Thank you to everyone who joined the challenge.  You are well on your way to a healthier, better you!