Time To Plan!

30 Day Water Challenge

How excited are you to start this journey  to a healthier you!  We are less than a day away from starting the 30 Day Water Challenge. I'm excited that so many have decided to take this journey with me. I'm here to say WE CAN DO THIS!

Let's prepare ourselves to be successful.  Here are five steps to prep for the challenge.

1. Take your before pics. I am taking a close up pic of my face without make up so I can see all my blemishes up close and compare it to what it looks like at the end of the challenge. Same with my weight loss (and/or inches). I'll take several pics from all sides so I can have a good comparison.

2. Get rid of the temptation. It may be more difficult when you live with others but don't buy your favorite juices or sodas…GET RID OF IT. You don't even need to see it.

3. Buy a cute water container/bottle to measure your water intake. I'll send a tracker idea as well as water intake goals next week.

4. Stock up on fruit. To keep it interesting and to change it up a bit, I will share recipes for varies fruit infused waters. This will help keep you on track as well since you're adding natural flavor to your water.

5. Get others around you involved to help with accountability. I for one start strong and loose momentum along the way. It's better to stay connected with those who are on the journey with you. That's what we're all here for, to support and encourage each other. If you have a low day, post about it the forum. When you have a great day, post about it. We want to keep the momentum and excitement around this challenge going all the way through to the end.

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